See The Robot Kill Germs

TRU-D in Motion

Health care experts are talking increasingly about TRU-D and its proven ability to kill harmful pathogens that risk patient outcomes. Below are videos highlighting how TRU-D works and why the robot is leading the way in infection prevention technology.

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TRU-D on The Doctors

TRU-D visited the set of The Doctors. Check out this video to learn how UV disinfection is changing infection control efforts at hospitals around the country. 

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TRU-D Demonstration

TRU-D SmartUVC is the leading UV disinfection robot on the market today. This video explains, and demonstrates, why TRU-D is changing infection prevention in health care settings. 

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Client Testimonial

Vancouver General Hospital took advantage of TRU-D's intuitive germ-eliminating technologies early on. Check out this client testimonial to learn more about why TRU-D is the best choice for hospitals. 

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TRU-D SmartUVC as seen on NBC News

NBC News reports on how TRU-D is helping to eliminate a worldwide threat—the growing Ebola outbreak in West Africa.