Set up for TRU-D is quick and easy. Confidently disinfect patient rooms in minutes.

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TRU-D is proven by independent research to achieve a 99.99 percent disinfection outcome.

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TRU-D’s intuitive Sensor360 technology takes the guesswork out of disinfection.

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Expert Testimonials

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"We are always on a mission to find new and improved ways to protect our patients from superbugs. This is shaping up to be a worse than average season for norovirus and the flu, and using UV light disinfection devices allows us to help contain outbreaks in our facilities."

iTRU-D Web Portal Access

iTRU-D provides

a web portal and program for hospitals to track infection control efforts automatically and instantaneously every time TRU-D disinfects a room. The iPad mini, which comes standard with the program, will control both the operation of the robot as well as track disinfection data in real time.

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Mercury Facts

Rest assured

TRU-D is committed to safety and UVC efficacy and uses only germicidal UVC lamps that are endorsed by the EPA and US Department of Energy.

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